Baker City Animal Clinic


The Baker City Animal Clinic is one of those musts in the Munn families lives. You see, in their home, there are three active labradors, one feral cat who was adopted, along with nine chickens. Oh, I forgot to mention the two sheep. When Matt asked us to help them out, we jumped in with both feet.

Our first project came in the form of a website host who was cancelling their hosting platform. We took it from there...


We downloaded all of their files from their previous web host. We found a more reasonable host for their needs and then restored their website to their new host, including moving their DNS, files and database.


Later on, during a remodel, Matt asked me to come take a look and assess what they would need while expanding their clinic. They were repurposing space, building new walls and remodeling their office space. We took it on quickly and gave them a quote to add drops, repurpose existing routes and move some things around. We ended up using around 3000 feet of ethernet, adding some switches and creating a more sound networking environment. We moved their front desk staff while that area was remodeled, including computers, ethernet, phones, printers, etc. It was a great chance to give a small business a better chance at the future.

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